Amazing facts about Agra walking tours

Agra is an amazing city not only for the Taj Mahal, but, also for its other monuments, industries, food, local life, and other things. I am trying to mention some facts about this historical city. So many tour operators organized Agra walking tours. They offer two types of walking tours like heritage walking tour, cultural village walking tour.  Let see:

  • The Taj Mahal is the iconic landmark of this city and it’s a part of Seven Wonder List.
  • Here you can see 3 UNESCO world heritage sites. Agra Red Fort, the Taj Mahal and Fatehpur Sikri. All these places are perfect for walking tours. Because all these monuments are surrounded by local markets. Here you can purchase some handicrafts as memory.
  • It is situated to Bank of Yamuna River. You can see some beautiful views of Mughal monuments.
  • This city was the formal capital of Mughal Empire. So you can see here many historical monuments and sights. I would like to say that you should visit all these places by walk. It is the best way to connect yourself to this place or wherever you go to travel.
  • You can reach that places where normally peoples can’t reach by car or auto rickshaw.
  • If you want to see here Hindu temples and how to devotees worship there, you should go on Monday morning in Mankameshwar, Rawali and Balkeshwar temple. All these temples are dedicated to Lord Shiva. These temples are located on congested roads. You can reach there only by walk.
  • Some churches are also here. Which you can see by walking journey. But first, you should check their locations. Because all churches are far from each other. Akbar’s Church is the oldest church of Agra. Other main churches are Baptist Church, St George Church, St John’s Church, St Marys Church, St Pauls Church and St Xaviers Chruch. Every church is beautiful and huge.
  • You can also go for village walk to Kucchpura Village. This is a heritage village. This village is very popular with tourists. Tour operators provide walking tour facility for this village. This village is located other side of Taj Mahal. You can see here a magnificent view of Taj Mahal, especially in full moonlight.
  • Agra is a nice place for those who like shopping. You can purchase here many things like your choice. Like Indian ethnic wears (male, female or kids), artificial jewellery or gold and silver jewellery. You can purchase these things in Kinari Bazar, Raja Mandi Market, Sanjay Place, M.G. Road Market (Near Anjna Talkies). Sadar Bazar is a very popular market for tourists list because of its location. All these markets are located in very crowded areas. So you will have to reach these places by rickshaws.
  • If you want to enjoy of street foods of Agra than you will have to choose sidewalk. Sanjay Place and Sadar Bazar’s street food lines are very popular in tourists. Street foods are very good the way to relate yourself to local peoples. I like it very much. But first, we should check cleanness of that food stall for hygienic purpose.
  • If you want to see that place where handicraftsmen make marvel’s handicrafts than you should go visit Gokulpura. This place is located near Agra College. Gokulpura is the centre point of handicrafts making.

Every place has some their specialities, that’s why I recommend and give priority to walking tours.

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