The best places to celebrate Christmas


Christmas is the perfect time for many people to spend time with family & friends, at home with a lighted tree, with a table full of tasty snacks. I would like to have a white Christmas for me, but I’m not afraid this year too. Do not want to celebrate Christmas at home? I was looking for most beautiful cities in Europe to celebrate Christmas for you.

Lapland, Finland

Lapland is a true winter wonderland. Tear on a snowmobile through the winter landscape or take it a little more traditional with a horse riding trip. I have read several bloggers that Lapland is both beautiful in summer and winter, but a visit to Christmas seems to me to be the ultimate. Christmas celebration with Santa will, how much better you want it?

Hamburg, Germany

German Hamburg seems to be the Christmas capital of the North. No less than 16 Christmas markets give the city a unique Christmas atmosphere that you can hardly miss. The most popular one is the Rathausmarkt, which attracts more than three million visitors annually. Add a few Hot Hugos and you have a Merry Christmas.

Prague, Czech Republic

Romantic Prague is possibly more romantic in the Christmas season. The Czech capital is often referred to as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, but in the beautifully lit buildings, snowy streets and cozy Christmas markets, Prague makes a perfect Christmas destination.

Umbria, Italy

Celebrate Christmas with the largest Christmas tree in the world, which can be found in Italian Umbria. On the slopes of Monte Ingino in the medieval town of Gubbio, a giant Christmas tree has been dragged with hundreds of meters of Christmas lights since 1991. Add up to the Italian cuisine and have a perfect Christmas.

Puerta del Sol, Madrid

In the middle of Madrid’s busiest square, visitors can climb high artificial trees on twelve floors. In addition, you can spread across the city several mercados Navidad, or Christmas markets, visits.

London, England

Of course, London is ALWAYS good to visit. And around the Christmas season all the way. The beautifully lit Harrods, busy shopping streets and a huge Christmas tree on Trafalgar Square, which has given the Londoners almost 70 years of gift from Norway.

Key West, Florida

Do not feel like a cold, gray Christmas? Find the sun! For example, in Key West, Florida. Unpacking packages under a palm tree instead of a Christmas tree.

New York City, United States

Last but not least, New York City, of course, may not be missing in this list. See how to light the Rockefeller Tree lights, go ice skating in Bryant Park, visit the Christmas Market at Union Square, and enjoy the Macy’s Christmas magazines.

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