Classic Travel Guide to Mt Everest Tourist Route Maps

Mount Everest, the highest peak of the world stands bordering Nepal from Tibet. The peak is geographically and politically co-owned by China and Nepal. If one decides to reach Mount Everest, he has to start from either one of the Everest Base Camps that are located at the foothills of Himalayas at Tibet and Nepal. Every year thousands of mountaineers and tourists visit these base camps for sightseeing and for starting their trip ahead to the peak.

Tourist route to base camp in Tibet

The base camp in the Tibet is called as the North Base Camp. This camp is located 5200m above sea level. One has to trek or take a bus tour to reach the base camp. To reach the base camp in Tibet, the tourists should hold a valid Tibet Visa, which is required to enter the country. Alien’s Permit is required to visit certain exotic regions in Tibet including the base camp. If choosing north camp, the best time to visit is from April to June and from September to November. You can find cozy tents in the base camp for accommodation.

From Lhasa, there are two routes to reach the base camp. You can hire a chartered car or a bus to reach the base camp directly. The tour will take minimum of two hours. On the other hand, you can take a train trip from Lhasa to Shigatse, which would span three hours. From Shigatse, some trek to the camp and some choose to hire car or bus to reach the base camp. The travel to base camp spans eight hours.

If you are looking for hardcore adventure time, you can trek from Tingri to the base camp. This is the classic trekking route among tourists who visit to visit the camp on foot. The total trekking distance is 120 km and it takes four days to reach the base camp. The route covers Lamna la pass, Lungthang, Zommug and Rongbuk monastery. From the monastery, you need to trek for 8 km to reach the base camp. This route is a physically challenging route for those who are looking for an adrenaline demanding experience.

Tourist route to base camp in Nepal

If you are looking for ascending the peak, it is best to choose the southern base camp. This camp is located within the boundaries of Sagarmatha national park. The only option to reach the southern base camp is trekking. Reach Nepal via Kathmandu. From Kathmandu, you can fly to Lukla which is 2840m above sea level. Start trekking to Namche bazaar through Tengboche, Dingboche and then finnaly reach the base camp. This trekking route takes 14-17 days to complete.

Up the Mount Everest

If you have not trained to climb, we advise you not to. There are three camps in your route to the peak. From base camp, you need to climb for six hours to reach interim camp which is located 6187m above sea level. From there, another six hours ascend would lead you to the advanced base camp. From the advanced base camp, climbers continue for six hours to reach Camp 1.

From Camp 1, it takes five hours to reach Camp 2 and another five hours to reach Camp 3. From the Camp 3, the reach to the summit starts. You would reach the Mushroom Rock within two hours and Second Step within one hour. From Second Step, it takes two hours to reach the Summit Pyramid and from there, it takes an hour to reach the summit. From the summit, it would take eight hours to reach Camp 3 and from Camp 3, it takes three hours to reach Advanced Base Camp.

There are several tour agents who can handle all the requirements and permits required to reach the Everest Base Camp including accommodation and transportation. If desired, you can choose to trek your way towards the base camp without any help.

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