Australia is not all about the beach and an array of bustling activities. There are luxury escapes all over. One getaway destination that is just a stepping stone from New South Wales is Lord Howe Island, it is simply a paradise for those that want to unwind and retreat away from reality. A World Heritage listing, this island does not disappoint.

Where Is Lord Howe Island?

Just east of Port Macquarie, Lord Howe Island lies in between Australia & New Zealand. Flights from Sydney and Brisbane is only 2 hours. While charter boat services are available.

There are 28 islands surrounding the area in this sub-tropical climate, with warm summers and regular rain. The best time to visit the island is typically in November to February.

Although, there are no mobile phone reception on this National Treasure, so it favours those that seek a holiday that is free from crowds and unspoilt surrounds. But don’t underestimate, as this crescent shaped island is full of activities to keep you entertained.

Things To Do On Lord Howe Island

With an abundance of plants, birds and marine life, visitors can wildlife watch as well as sightsee. Along the west coast of the island there are sandy beaches with coral reef lagoons that makes it perfect for snorkelling and world-class scuba diving. With possible sights of dolphins, marlins and turtles.
Ned’s beach is an absolute must for pristine clear water and a unique encounter with marine life. Fish are super friendly and you will be instantly surrounded by colourful fish waiting to be hand-fed. Along this beach visitors may also kayak and paddleboard.

Visitors can Hike Mt Gower, and see the sights of the tallest mountain Lord Howe has to offer, immersing in the breathtaking panoramic views. Even with the many ranges – climbing or any of sort is not permitted.

But there are still lots of other Lord Howe activities & attractions locals and tourists alike can take part in. Golf, lawn bowls, tennis, bushwalking, yachting, windsurfing, kitesurfing and surfing are just some of the exciting activities with a serene backdrop and surrounds. Fishing is also a great place for the fishing enthusiast.

Not only are there superb attractions but there are also exceptional food and wine that can attract any type of traveller. Even though the island has no more than 400 locals, there are still island events that happen all year around making it a perfect destination for all ages.

Lord Howe Island Stay

With a wide range of accommodation styles, Lord Howe Island can cater for most visitors.
Accommodation ranges from 5 star luxury haven lodges to apartments & gorgeous villas, however no camping allowed, but there is a beautiful backdrop and exotic garden just a stepping stone away from the rooms.

There are simply gorgeous hotels and villas that makes it a great getaway, and with spa packages available it is a lifestyle of tranquility and seclusion. With an abundant amount of exciting activities and serene accommodation, this holiday will be one to be remembered. A one week stay would be enough, but you would wish you could stay longer!

This luxury getaway is perfect for those that want to relax, unwind and partake in activities at their own pace, getting around on bike or even foot is ideal. Lord Howe Island is one of Australia’s greatest vacation destinations. Retreat to this luxury and natural paradise and connect with nature and each other.


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Recently having moved from the States to Sydney, Olivia spends her time exploring the great hidden gems of New South Wales. Enjoying the golden sandy beaches and lush forests of the Land down under, she occasionally writes for Great Lost. In hope of motivating, learning and informing others.

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