Get To Know About Famous Food Streets Of Pakistan

Regardless of the fact whether you are a Pakistani or foreigner, you will be welcomed with great enthusiasm in every region of the country. The Pakistani people are very welcoming and loving who love to serve tourist in an excellent way. There are many beautiful places in the country which take your breath away. Apart from Pakistan’s historical places, beautiful valleys, and stunning lakes and mountains, the country is also famous for offering delicious food. No matter whether you love spices or not, you won’t be able to stop yourself from eating once you take a bite. Each city of the country has a famous food street where people go and eat, eat, and eat because the food is that delicious. Whether you are on a Pakistan Tour with family or friends or honeymoon packages in Pakistan with your loved one, you must visit these food streets and enjoy.

Karachi – Burns Road Food Street

Burns road is the most famous food street of the city of lights which offers traditional foods like Karahi, Biryani, Kabab, Dhaga kabab, Nihari, Fried Kabab, Fried finger fish, and Haleem. Moreover, you can try mouthwatering Ras Gulley, Ras Malai, Kheer, Dahi Bara, Lassi, and Rabri.

If you are in a mood to have halwa poori in breakfast then hit the Burns road food street because it has some of the most delicious halwa poori stalls. In fact, the popular Lassi shops of the food street have been existing since partition period. Mango shakes during summer and Gajar ka halwa in winter are must-haves when you visit this street. For dessert lovers, there are two famous shops Bhashanis and Fresco so whenever you make a Pakistan Tour plan or visit Karachi, visit this place and try tasty dishes.

Peshawar – Namakmandi Food Street

Even if you just ate before hitting the Namakmandi food street of Peshawar, you will surely end up eating mouthwatering dishes. The city is famous for its tikka and chapli kabab and this is what Namakmandi offers in the most delicious way. You can also try lamb karahi. However, the rates of food are very high there. But don’t you think it’s okay to spend a little more money than usual? Because you don’t visit Namakmandi every day and the food is definitely worth paying for.


Lahore is popular for conventional Pakistani food and Lahoris are known for eating too much. But when you eat the food of Gawalmandi, you also can’t stop yourself whether you are a Karachite or come from Peshawar. The street is opened 24/7, offering delicious and different foods to the tourists and localists. The traditional specialties of this street are Hareesa, TukaTak, BBQ, Samosa, Baraf ka Gola, Halwa poori, Falooda, Haleem, PhajjekePaye, Sardar kiMachli, Fried Fish, and much more. So, whenever you make a plan to visit Lahore, Pakistan Tour or honeymoon packages in Pakistan, make sure to visit this awesome food street.

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