Learning with Leisure! 5 Exhilarating Ideas for your next Holiday

We go on a vacation to rejuvenate our soul or to experience new cultures. But rarely do we ever consider going on a holiday to learn something new. Travelling inherently entails new experiences and a new perspective of life itself. But it is not of that learning do we speak of. We’re speaking of something more tangible, something you would be proud of accomplishing. Your aim for the next holiday you take could be to acquire a new skill or formally further your education.

We have created a list of ideas that would make your next holiday leisurely as well as a learning adventure.

Learn Salsa Dancing in Cuba

Only few in the world can resist the bewitching beats of salsa music, especially if you are surrounded by beaches and swaying palms. So why not pack some dancing shoes for your next holiday and learn the tricks to Salsa Dancing? You will find many all-inclusive resorts in Cuba that offer complimentary salsa lessons. Make most of the opportunity, and learn something new whilst savouring authentic (and delicious) Cuban cooking, beaches and of course, music. By the end of your time in Cuba, you’ll be emerge a dancing star.

Learn the art of Cooking in France

France, the country that is home to the City of Love, Paris, is popular for its charming countrysides and its cuisines. It is best place to learn about food and gastronomy and Le Cordon Bleu cooking school is world-renowned. Learn a few tricks of the trade and upon your return, dazzle your friends and family with your culinary prowess. Online hotel booking via ixigo.com is recommended.

Learn Surfing at the Canary Islands

Surfing is a very cool sport to learn; it is also something to do on the beach other than lounging, swimming or taking a stroll. Vacationing on the Canary Islands can be your excuse to learn surfing. 7 Island Surf in the Canary Islands offers both beginner and intermediate surf lessons at a very reasonable cost. This Surf Guest House takes care of your accommodation needs and also guides you with lesson plans. They offer various other packages, including spa packages and yoga packages.

Learn Photography in Spain

We are the instagram generation, and photography is something each one of us wishes to excel at. Make your next holiday to Spain an excuse to learn the nitty-gritties of taking good pictures. Visit Torrox in Spain, where Awaken Holidays offers an 8-day long all-inclusive vacation which includes photography workshops and personalized photography tours. This tour also takes you to exotic places nearby to test your newly-acquired skills.

Learn a Language anywhere you go

Why stumble around in a foreign land with a guidebook and miss out on all the fun? Why not just make learning the basics of the language the aim of the holiday? Before embarking on your trip, learn about the local language as much as you can and upon arrival, you can make yourself better versed with it by speaking to the locals. Also, there are many travel companies that offer language courses. You would, however, have to specify where you would like to learn it and how do you want to do it. Classroom learning comes recommended, but it would be great to take advantage of learning the language locally. It would be best to look out for travel companies that include leisure opportunities such as wine tours, cycling tours and more.

Learning is a part of life and going around the world to different destinations teaches you valuable lessons. But maybe, this time around you learn something more tangible and make a hobby out of it.

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