Adventure Tourism in North-East India

North East India called 7 sisters of India is the eastern part of India.North East India is joined to east India through a narrow lane hugged Bhutan and Bangladesh.It consists of seven adjoining states(Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, and Tripura), alongside Himalayan queen Sikkim.

It’s a place full of beauty with many hilltops ,valleys ,one may feel painting picture in front.You will be charmed by the beauty of North-East.Once you there will feel and might loose your heart by the glow of nature.Watching Clouds hovering and the sun rising from the back of the hill will just be stunned and pleased you, There are so many beautiful places.You should make a clear idea to you about your destination.In the following will discuss about few stunning places from which locations you should make the most of your trip.

About Kaziranga National Park:

Kaziranga National Park is declared as world heritage site by Unesco.This park is renowned as a home for one horned rhino , draw the attention of tourists all over the world.Two-Third of one-horned rhinos stayed here.It was also declared as a tiger reserve in 2006.Though due to a lot of tall grasses it is very unusual to watch tiger.You will find out lots of Elephant, Buffalo , Swamp deer.Sounds of 100 species of bird will fill your heart with pleasure.

Facts About Nathula Pass:

It’s great place to break , not far from Gangtok just 52kms from there.Once it was used as a trade route between India and Tibet until 1962. Mulls were used to bring silk, gold and many other commodities from Tibet to India and so on to Tibet.Fascinating views of clear water of the lake will please your eyes.You will notice Indian and Chinees soldiers are patrolling their border not far away from here.Also can look at the view of Chomolhari of Bhutan.

About Sandakphu Trek:

You are in North-East and not in a trek to Sandakphu then,it’s not a complete trip to North-East India.It’s the highest peak of Bengal-Sikkim border.You may take the pleasure of watching Khangchendzonga over from there.Spring is the best place to treak Sandakphu.I bet fascinating views of unmatched Himalayan peak and of Khangchendzonga from Sandakphu will last long as great memories in your heart.

Best Time to Visit Tawang Monastery:

If you want to experience some fascinating views of the valley then, you must reach at Tawang Monastery which is 10,000 feet above the sea-level . It offers a magnificent and splendid view of the Tawang-chu valley. From a distance, it looks like a fort as if guarding the devotees in the wide valley below. It has the capacity of housing around 700 monks, though,at present stays little more than 400 .This monastery is the source of spiritual life of this region.

Cherrapunji Weather:

High above foggy valleys and spume rivers, protected in rotating clouds and perched on an escarpment, lies Cherrapunji (4,500 feet). Cherrapunji is an amazing location and the year-round rain earned Cherrapunji entry long ago into the Guinness Book of World Records as the wettest place in the Universe, It’s a place where rainfall is recorded in feet rather than a millimeter.

Today, climatic changes have edged Cherrapunji out of the topmost ‘wet’ slot, but it still retains its pristine beauty, its unusual facets, the perpetual clouds, and the perpetual mists. Appropriately, Cherrapunji stands in the heart of the State of Meghalaya-the abode of clouds

Though climate changes have forced Cherrapunji to lose her position as the topmost ‘wet’ slot,still persists pristine beauty,the perpetual clouds, and the perpetual mists.

Himalayan Yak:

A safari with a difference adventure which is colorfully dressed Yaks with woolen knitwear over the horns and forehead and strings of bells around the necks are ready to take you for a ride around the Tsomgo Lake or go up the mountain. Don’t miss a photo session atop the Yak, a perfect token to take back home of your visit to Sikkim with a unique experience.

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