Best Places to Travel New Zealand

Discover and enjoy the unique natural beauty and treasures of New Zealand. Take the plunge to this island paradise by checking out an array of travel vacation packages suited to your tastes and budget. Travelers are sure to have a great adventure in an idyllic setting of the seemingly endless lush green landscape.



New Zealand is a country in the Pacific Ocean located in the southeast of Australia. It is composed of two main islands, the North Island and South Island, and several smaller ones. These include Stewart Island in the south, the dependencies Ross Dependency and Tokelau Islands, and the Cook and Niue Islands which are self-governing. The population is composed of a majority of British descent and a large population of Maori minority.



The Maoris, of Polynesian descent, are the original inhabitants of the territory since about 14th century. Tasman was the first European to discover New Zealand in 1642. He called it Staten Land and was later changed to Nieuw Zealand. It was annexed as a British colony by the Maori chiefs through the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840. New Zealand became a famous trading and whaling base at the turn of the 19th century. It was made a dominion in 1907 and gained its independence by the Statute of Westminster in 1931.



New Zealand has typically subtropical weather in the northern region and temperate in the southern part. Generally, the weather in the north is mildly warm or cold but it can get extremely cold during the winter months. The eastern part often experiences dry spells during summer while in the western region, particularly in South Island, sometimes experiences rain bursts.

New Zealand could as well be the best tourist destination nowadays. It has a wide array of travel options and adventures all year round. This tourist haven is blessed with unmatched golden-sand beaches, virgin marine parks, safe but active volcanic areas, snow-capped Alps, a lush forested region and unique flora and fauna. For those into a more adventurous experience, a wide range of fun activities are available including bungy jumping, parachuting, white-water rafting. You can also enjoy a relatively laid-back holiday in practically most parts of New Zealand.



Auckland, the country’s largest urban and suburban area, boasts of varied and idyllic harbors and beaches in the eastern part while in the east, one is captivated by the rugged landscape of Waitakere Ranges. It is popularly known as the “City of Sails”, Auckland has earned the reputation as a favorite haunt for sailors. The city is also renowned for excellent shopping, galleries, and museums. The city is a showcase of the pleasant blend of European, Asian and Polynesian cultures. Tourist should also include on their ”must-see” list the spectacular Sky Tower, a casino with a circular, glass viewing gallery at its bulbous summit. This stunning structure provides a great view of the city, its beaches, and the mountains. Other notable tourist attraction in the outlying suburbs of Auckland, made accessible by the reliable bus network and taxi system, include Devonport, Herne Bay, Parnell, and Ponsonby. For tourist out for some nature trip, Northland provides some of the most spectacular natural wonders in New Zealand. This region is renowned for its palms, citrus fruit, avocados, bananas and myriad gorgeous, sandy unspoiled beaches. The place is excellent for diving, boating/sailing, and game fishing.

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