How To Prepare For Your Caribbean Vacation

When you get ready to prepare for your Caribbean vacation, there’s quite a bit involved. One of the important things you need to do is to make sure that you are packing the right kind of clothing and accessories. Since you’re going to an island, the weather will be warm.

Depending on your party, you should have at least one or two large suitcases and maybe a duffel bag. The larger luggage should be on wheels so they’re easier to transport throughout the airport and the hotel.

If you plan on packing quite a bit of clothing, you should roll it up. This will provide you more space for the other clothes you plan to take with you. It’s always good to take at least a few extra sets of clothing to change in.

People (especially children) are prone to mess up their clothing while they’re playing or eating, etc. The kind of clothing you should pack should be of cooler material. Cotton, khakis and linens would fit the bill.

It can be a mixture of pants, shorts, sundresses, cropped pants, t-shirts, short blouses, etc. Denim clothing would probably be too much for the tropical weather, so you may want to leave it at home. However, you may want to include a jacket or lightweight sweater to take. You may want to wear if you in the hotel or on evenings when it gets cool.

As for toiletries, other than the usual items (deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.), you’ll want to pack suntan lotion and insect repellent, for the nature lovers. With shoes, include flip-flops, sandals and walking shoes in the event you are nearby places where you can walk or if you’re up for a walking trail.

Of course, you want to have proof so you can boast of your time on the sandy beaches and clear waters. So bring your camera and put it in your luggage (either check it in or place it in your carry-on bag). Make sure that the camera (especially digital ones) has plenty of cushions so it won’t break or get damaged from exposure of x-ray machines.
It does rain in the Caribbean, but for the most part, their showers are brief. So, you may want to have a lightweight raincoat or jacket so you won’t get drenched. For sanitary and health reasons, if you plan to get adventurous and engage in snorkeling, it’s better to have your own snorkel.

When you pack, try not to over pack. You may have lots of souvenirs or gifts to bring back. Plus, depending on what you bring back, you may be required to declare it as you go through customs.

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