Things to Do in Munich

If you’re planning on going to Germany and spending the weekend in Munich, you should know where to go. I’ve spent a weekend getaway from Zurich and I’ll show you how you can have a great time there as well.
After 24 hours of sightseeing, shopping, drinking beers and dining out in this Bavarian city, I immediately fell in love with this place!

Ideal times to Travel Munich

The ideal time to travel Munich depends on you. If you really want to have an unforgettable German tour experience, you should travel over Oktoberfest.You should be aware of your hotel booking Not as hotels become costly than the normal time used to. Don’t forget to bring a sweater with you for the chilled weather at nightfall.

If you want to avoid the deluge of summer tourists but want to experience increasingly warmer temperatures, head off there during March until May. The city starts to thaw out from winter during these months. If you wish to get the advantage of Biergarten and open-air cafes then spring is the ideal time to go there.
The Starkbierzeit is also taking place in March and it’s – after Oktoberfest – the most important beer festival in the city. During this weekend, the bars promote the strong beers of Bavaria.

Ideally, summer is regarded as the best time to visit Munich.You need to book hotel couple of weeks before your journey.                                                                        Image Sourse:Freeimages

Accommodation & food

Meininger Hotel

I’ve spent two nights in this hotel in a female dorm. The staff was very helpful and gave me a lot of instructions on how to get somewhere or where to go.  The room itself was big and clean. I paid 25 Euros per night, which I think is slightly too much just to sleep and take a shower, but it was definitely cheaper than other accommodation in Munich. The breakfast is really nice and you get a lot of things to pick from, but they charge you an extra 6,80 Euros for it. Overall, this was definitely a good pick because of the location (15 min from the city center on foot), the cleanliness, the modern building and the great relaxed atmosphere. There’s also a big bar and a game room downstairs, but I didn’t really spend time here because I wanted to explore the attractions of Munich itself.

Augustiner Bräustuber

I’ll never forget the two nights I’ve spent in this place. If you really want to experience the traditional Bavarian culture, go there. It’s a giant Beerhall where a lot of locals grab dinner and drink beers. It’s one of the cheapest places where you can dine out. I had a main course and two beers (50cl) for only 16 Euros! Here is the place to be to go crazy and release your inner beast. I had too much beer, meat, and grease over there, but it felt so good.


This market is a fun place to grab a snack. I’ve treated myself with a Bratwürstsemmel: the German version of a hot dog. Apart from the Bratwürsten and Wienerschnitzel, you can also find a wide array of cheese, fish, and soup. Take your time to discover the market before deciding what to eat.

Altes Hackerhaus

This restaurant is a hidden gem right in the middle of a shopping street. They offer a lot of traditional Bavarian dishes for decent prices. I loved the Bavarian atmosphere, the refreshing beers, and the tasteful food and I would definitely recommend a visit here!


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