Top 5 attractive facts about Taj Mahal makes it Wonderful

There is no surprise if we know Taj Mahal as most wonderful historical monuments across the world.

This is only love symbol in the world which is known for the passion of love for our life partner. Emperor Shah jahan was the man behind the construction of this amazingly wonderful symbol of love.

There are many things which make it perfect for the same day Agra tour for visiting of travellers.

1 – About its Dimension

This is really different from any other historical monument in the world and it has same size like height, width and depth from all four angles.

We want to say that if you check it from all four corners then you will find that it has same size from all points which shows perfectly calculated architecture of that time.

If you will check the round dimensions of its all poles then you will find same size again.

2 – About the time of building it

It has time taken approximately about 22 years to be constructed and there were more twenty thousand workers involved in the building of it.

There were thousands of elements and world’s most popular architects of that time tried to make it amazingly beautiful which can’t be constructed by anyone in the world.

And this is the real fact till now that no one has been created the same structure this type of structure in the world.

3 – About to Views from Different Angles

Friends there are thousands of tourists come every week to see it, but very few know that there are several timings which can make your trip amazingly perfect.

There are two popular timing recommended by many trip planners that are moon light taj view and Sun rise Taj views also.

So if you want to see Taj Mahal with the early morning rays of sun then you should come to Agra before for two days so you can enjoy your Taj Mahal sunrise tour to Agra.

Facts about Taj Mahal

The second most popular view is watching the Taj in moon light timing, when moon is full at that time you can visit the Taj Mahal in the moon time.

4 – Earthquake free

The all four minarets are earthquake free and they have already faced many earthquakes earlier in Agra city and there was not a single damage because of it.

The another reason of not getting affected from the earthquake is it has built on the sand of Yamuna River and send gets less affected as compare to soil for the earthquake.

5 – Rare found stone

The white marble stone of Taj Mahal is rarely found and no one historical building in the world used such stone.

All these above things makes Taj Mahal different from any other popular structure in the world. So don’t wait come and see it. Thanks.

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